Month: November 2020

American Poker Pro Gets Second Gold Bracelet

The semifinalists are taking a week-long hiatus after fixing their matches on Saturday, 8 August. Matches resumed on August 15, with Peters taking on Alyssa MacDonald of Canada while two-time bracelet winner Michael Addamo faces fellow high roller regular Michael Zhang on the opposite side of the bracket. Addamo was the first person to advance […]

Winter is sure to be a lot of fun playing ArtaPoker

Any number of experienced online poker players can find that playing at the poker cash game is often tighter for the first month after the holiday season. In online low limit ring games, our judgment suggests that the ratio of players who perceive their underperformance at Hold’em has often been lowered from its general level […]

In reality, why should you play in the best QQ betting bookies, of course

You who want to feel the most comfortable game especially for dominoqq online gambling games therefore you need to be deceived or can more accurately include yourself with the best online dominoqq city. It is not a big deal to be deceived in this gambling game when you do choose a compatible city. Make players […]