You sit down to see how your opponent will respond

You sit down to see how your opponent will respond – Watching your opponent as the dealer puts the river card on the board, you think you see you know when Big Blind sits up straight in his chair, then stares at the pile of chips. At least it makes you a little worried. The river card is 8 of spades. There are now four spades on the board. Scanning the board, you relax. You already have the flush nut, so a fourth shovel should be fine. Fortunately, without a partner on the board, a full house would be impossible. At least that is your current thinking – optimistically.

Big Blind is out to make a bet. The message he suspected appeared in his mind. Give him another quick scan of the board, you assume he’s caught a big flush. With four shovels on the board, it was quite possible. But you have an A-high peanut flush! visit After one other opponent calls the Big Blind bet, you calmly announce: “I’m raising it!” And, you stack the chips on the table in front of you. It’s a big pot! Then you sit down to see how your opponent will respond. He rose! That’s not expected.

It’s time to stop and think. With just the two of you still on hand, there is no limit to the number of raises allowed. Your tendency is to revive it. But then you stop to think. By carefully studying the board now, you realize that he might make a straight flush – if he had 9 spades in the hole. So, you decide to call his final raise.

Showdown: Your opponent opens his holecard. He has 9 pockets, one of which is 9 spades. He caught a straight flush on the river – with only one – 8 shovels. It’s a “bad beat!” Boy, does it ever hurt!

Poker today is accepted all over the world, and I want to preserve its past for future generations by honoring the individuals who build and manage poker rooms, bring innovation to the industry or write about the games we all love.

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