Want to come home victorious? The Hold’em algorithm will make you win

Inherent tidal variance. The best way to be a winner is to stop while you are ahead. Have a reasonable goal. At that point, you can pack up and go home – a winner! Not ready to leave the casino; Would you like to play again? GOOD. Cash in your chips. Record how much money you have won. (Hope you keep a record.) Could be a good time to have an early dinner. Then, log back in for another session – and start all over again.

Beware of caller stations – players who, once they’ve invested in the pot visit dewapoker, are reluctant to fold in the next betting round. Don’t try to bully players like that.

Never be a “hunter” – the player who stays in the hand if he has a chance to catch the card that made it. Hunters are losers. Every now and then, he will get lucky and win that pot. But, the odds were very far off against him, in the long run, he would definitely lose his chips.

Learn how to calculate your credit card – the invisible card that will help you. On the flop, you can use the available charts to convert your cards into chance cards (against catching one of these). Compare card odds to pot odds – the number of chips in the pot versus your cost of making a bet to see the next card (turn) and possibly the river as well. Pot odds are higher than your card odds giving positive expectations.

There are always exceptions to any rule. For example, the Hold’em Algorithm will have you fold the A-3 to fit any position. Here are some exceptions you might consider: You end up in such a position late. If three or more opponents remain on hand to see the flop, and there is no raise, call to see the flop. (Epstein labels this “Hold’em Caveat.”) You’re hoping to catch your two suits on the flop. It will happen one in nine hands like that. Then you can expect to flatten your nuts on a bend or river about 35% of the time.

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