Toba4d – Esther Bluff’s tactic to increase the chance of victory

Tools at your command to bet and / or raise. If you’re in a late position, and only one opponent is calling to see the flop, it’s best to just limp, hoping one or two others will still see the flop.

If you are in the middle position and two or three players have been called up, you must step up to persuade others to fold, in order to realize your immediate goal. It would be wise to rely on Esther Bluff’s tactics to increase the chances of achieving that goal.

Another example. On the flop, you’ve connected with a beautiful set – say, three queens. The board is not threatening in any way; You’re almost sure you’re the strong favorite to win that pot. Now, your main goal is to build the largest pot possible. If you raise (which is probably your first inclination), no doubt some opponents will back off; it’s not in your favor here. There will be less chips in the pot for you to win visit toba4d.

The best way to play this game is to make a call – don’t pick up. Keep others in pots to help make them for you.

Another example to illustrate how best to use your direct aim when the hand is playing:
With the J-10’s offsuit in the hole, the flop carried the J-10-K rainbow. You have caught two pairs, but not the top pair. Your hands may be the best at the time, but they are still very fragile. For example, an opponent with a small pair can catch a set on a turn or river.

Others have three-to-flush; he can catch his suit runners to slaughter your two-mates. In that case, your primary aim should be to protect your vulnerable hands. The only way is to bet; or, if there is a bet before you, increase it to reduce the size of the playing field.

Bottom line To make important decisions as the hand grows, always consider your immediate goals – in addition to your long-term goal of winning the bet.



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