Real poker players don’t watch sports during the game

When playing poker in a casino, it is not uncommon to see a player who seems more interested in watching a basketball game on the large TV screen mounted on the wall.

Everyone at the table was waiting and, obviously, became impatient. The dealer, somewhat annoyed, finally gets bust’s attention to return to the game. Then the chest quickly took his hole card, glanced at it, and threw it into the dirt – as he turned around to watch the basketball game on the TV screen.

The player is breasts; The focus is hardly on the game of poker. How could he hope to win so many pots when he allowed himself to get sidetracked from the game? Why did he even bother coming to the casino? I wonder if he really enjoys playing poker visit poker88.

Along with paying a little attention to the game of poker, he postponed the game for everyone – and, apparently, didn’t really care about all of us coming to play poker. Yes, we are recreational players, not pros. We don’t depend on winning poker for our livelihoods. And, we realized that we might lose more times than we wanted to. But, it was with a sigh of relief when I watched Dada watching TV collect his chips and leave our table. Great!

As he walked away, our $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em game seemed to be starting to come to life. And I found myself focused more on the game and enjoying it more, than getting annoyed and annoyed by those breasts. The players smiled again – even when someone managed to get to the river, and lost a big pot. You can imagine him thinking to himself: “Yes, that’s poker. Maybe next time, I’ll catch the monsters in the river. “

Immediately after that, I passed to the king, and raised the preflop from my middle position. Four opponents stand by to see the flop: rainbow Q-9-7. It doesn’t help me, but at least no card is higher than my KK. I have an overpair for the board, and it’s probably the best hand at that. I raised a bet by Big Blind, hoping to thin the field so that my KK will have a better chance of staying in the lead. Two opponents called to see my turn with me.

Those 3 hearts didn’t help me; and, fortunately, it’s not a scare card. Upon review, I made the opening bet; only the Big Blind was summoned to see the river with me.

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