Pala Casino Resort announced the poker schedule for the month of May

Southern California poker players will have more chances to win extra cash at the Pala Casino Spa & Resort in May when the Poker Room will host a $ 10,000 Vegas Guaranteed Seat tournament from Wednesday to Sunday, May 16 -20 and a new Hump Day No Limit tournament Wednesdays and Thursdays, except May 16, 17 and 30. The Super Deep Stack Nutmeg Tournament will continue at 1pm every Saturday, except May 12 and 26; Sunday Super Deep Stack will be played at 10 a.m., except May 13 and 20, and Friday Night 1.5K will be played at 19:15, except May 18. Pala Poker will also introduce a new High Hourly Mystery High Hand promotion on Saturday, 19 May and 26, and will continue the Progressive High Hand, Sunday High Hand Frenzy promotion visit dewapoker,

The $ 10,000 Seat Seat Tournament from Vegas will be played from Wednesday, May 16 through Sunday, May 20. Purchases made are $ 175. Chips will be $ 10,000 / $ 5,000 with optional staff bonus purchase of $ 15. There will also be one additional $ 50 for an additional $ 15,000 in chips. Players who qualify will receive $ 200 and players who qualify twice will receive $ 500 from the prize pool. Re-entries and late entries will be up to eight levels. Day 1 blinds will be 20 minutes and Day 2 blinds 30 minutes. A minimum of 50 players will help to ensure guarantees. Fifteen percent of each Day 1 field will advance to Day 2.

The No Limit Hump Day Tournament will be played at 6pm every Wednesday and Thursday, except on May 16, 17 and 30. Purchases will be $ 20 and chips will be $ 4,000 / $ 3,000 with an optional $ 5 staff bonus buy. There will also be an optional unlimited re-purchase of $ 5 in addition to an additional $ 1,500 in chips up to level five. And, there will be an optional extra $ 10 during the break for an additional $ 5,000 in chips. Re-entry will consist of level four and blinds will be 15 minutes. Registration for this tournament will start at 4pm every day it is played. Those who play from 14:00 to 18:00 every day the tournament is played can earn a $ 500 bonus chip for each hour.

The Pala Super Deep Stack will be played at a new time at 1pm every Saturday, except May 12 and 26. Purchase will be $ 125 and chips will be $ 30,000 / $ 10,000 with an optional staff purchase bonus of $ 15. Re-entries will be for three levels and blinds will be 30 minutes.

The Sunday Super Deep Stack will be played at 10am every Sunday, except May 13 and 20. The incoming purchase will be $ 125 and the chips will be $ 20,000 / $ 10,000 with an optional bonus of $ 15 staff purchase. Re-entries will be for three levels and the blinds will be 20 minutes.

1.5K Friday Night will start at 19:15 regular time, except on 18 May. The purchase will be $ 45 + $ 10 with a $ 1,500 guarantee. The chips will be $ 4,000 / $ 2,000 with an optional $ 5 staff purchase and an additional $ 20 for the $ 10,000 chips. Late and re-entry will be allowed for four levels with a full stack.

The new High Hour Mystery High Hand Promotion will be played from noon to 18:00 on Saturdays, 19 May and 26th. Players with high control can win up to $ 500. Progressive High Hand will be played from 12:01 till 16:00 every Monday to Friday. All Quads, Straight Flushes, and Royals will level. The Sunday High Hand Frenzy will be played from noon to 8pm, and every half hour and a half will receive $ 100. Chase for the Dough ™ will offer players the chance to win cash for live matches. Forty hours will bring you $ 60; 60 hours, $ 200, and 80 hours, $ 400.

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