Officials are paying attention to the competitive pressure on casino entrepreneurs

When is competition a little too much competition? This is a question that has caught the attention of casino developers and regulators in Massachusetts and Rhode Island because of the proposals for a Rhode Island casino less than 400 feet from neighboring Massachusetts where there is discussion of possible licensing in the southeastern region of the state.

But do a thousand slot machines and a few blackjack and roulette tables near Tiverton, RI, suck customers away from whatever Massachusetts ultimately offers?

The Tiverton Casino has been proposed by a company that currently runs the Twin River Casino in Lincoln visit LuckyMpo, RI Twin River Management Chair John Taylor told the Boston Globe he is aware some people perceive his plans as a bluff, intended to prevent plans for a casino development to the southeast. , Mass.

“I assure you not,” he told the newspaper. “It’s like a game of chess. How many casino operations can it support and at what size, ”said Enrique Zuniga, a member of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission who has considered proposals for a fourth casino in the southern part of the state near the Rhode Island border. Speculation continues with other members of the Massachusetts Commission suggesting that market analysis might be useful. Or, officials could take a free-market approach: build a casino of any size and let the public decide whether it offers an experience worthy of support.

Somewhere, there’s a team of programmers combined with some serious sports scorers who put every imaginable variable into a program and come up with this 3% figure. With this, they can set the odds accordingly in the sports books (say 30 to 1?).

Back to Facebook, where our overly optimistic friend actually “guaranteed” the Yankees to make the playoffs. He told me to come back and have it checked in 2 to 3 weeks. I commented back to him that it was his overconfidence that had helped build the multibillion-dollar casino here in Las Vegas. He said he didn’t bet. So, how much does this overconfidence cost? I guess just bragging rights.

My dad used to joke that you shouldn’t bet on any event where the participants have two legs. He feels this is mainly because you never know what happens in a player’s life that might impact performance. I suppose horses and dogs may have bad days, but doubt they are likely to let their partners trick them or need to deal with childhood ailments. I think the second component of this is that many sports bettors have a favorite team and tend to be overly excited about their predictions of how they will do it.

As a Rams fan, I know I have a hard time choosing against them in my football pool (no points spread), which can be very expensive when the team is playing 2-14. This wasn’t just a wild guess when the sports books set him a 10-point underdog! The second key point is, as I said earlier, probability in sports betting is a little less precise than for table games. However, they are still very “guessing” when they are assigned. So, there may be several arguments for playing “hunch.”

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