LagaPoker – Las Vegas Strip Casino Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus

Two employees of the Las Vegas Strip hotel and casino have tested positive for COVID -19.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was notified last week that a member of their concierge staff had tested positive for the new coronavirus. They sent a statement to the local NBC news affiliate Monday morning.

“Last week, we were notified that two Concierge team employees received confirmed positive coronavirus tests,” the statement read. “Once made aware, the resort took immediate action, reporting directly to the Southern Nevada Health District to initiate a contact tracing process to notify employees and guests who may have been potentially exposed. In addition, the concierge office has undergone a thorough disinfecting and sanitizing process led by certified experts, American Technologies, Inc. “

Blackstone-owned Cosmopolitan is a viral video site tweeted by Los Angeles Times sports columnist Arash Markazi that shows large crowds on the gambling floor without masks and very little social distancing.

In response to the unmasked gambler trend, Nevada regulators require guests to wear masks at table games that have no physical partition between the player and dealer visit LagaPoker.

This is not the first time a Las Vegas casino employee has contracted the coronavirus since its June 4 reopening. Bellagio Mayfair Supper Club reopened Monday after closing four days after a kitchen employee tested positive for the virus.

Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar was also closed for improved sanitation after an employee received a positive test result.

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