American Poker Pro Gets Second Gold Bracelet

The semifinalists are taking a week-long hiatus after fixing their matches on Saturday, 8 August. Matches resumed on August 15, with Peters taking on Alyssa MacDonald of Canada while two-time bracelet winner Michael Addamo faces fellow high roller regular Michael Zhang on the opposite side of the bracket.

Addamo was the first person to advance to the final. Zhang started off with an early lead, but Addamo had struggled further up front by the time the last hand of their match was handled. Addamo took the 6 Spades Suit 3 Sekop Suit on the button and raised it to 40,000. Zhang triple bet it became 160,000 with K Spades Suit Q Club Suit and Addamo called.

The flop dropped at K Club Suits 3 Heart Suits 3 Dangle Suits and Zhang bet 80,000 with the king and the three. Addamo calls out with his travels and 10 Heart Suits hits his turn. Zhang fired 288,000 shots and Addamo called again. The second Suit Second player finished the board and Zhang moved all-in for 887,344. Addamo quickly called with his trip of three to send Zhang on the rails for $ 124,160.

Peters and MacDonald were more or less even as Addamo secured his final spot. Peters was able to jump for the lead as play progressed, sitting down with a chip advantage of about 5: 3 when the decisive hand was dealt. Peters had raised the preflop from the bottom with the J Spades Suit 10 Spades Suit and called up three bets from MacDonald, who held Q Spades Suit Q Club Suit in the big blind. Failure to drop Q Diamond suit 10 Club suit 8 Spade suit and MacDonald bet 177,408 on top set.

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